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Embrace Middle Georgia is a division under the umbrella corporation Embrace Africa, with a 501(c)(3), status. Embrace Africa heard the cries of the children and was founded in 2010 and officially organized in 2014 to serve the families in need. The organization was founded as a mission of love to transform the lives of children and their families in rural Sub-Saharan Africa through education, healthcare, and economic and local development. While we were founded to aid villages of Africa, we have realized a need in our rural communities of Georgia, the home base of our organization. Due to our sensitivity and compassion to any person who is suffering, we have added assistance programs within our local Georgia community. In middle Georgia, we offer a tax clinic and supply food to needy families. We’ve partnered with Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. Embrace Middle Georgia has been serving our communities including Macon, Warner Robins and Dublin areas. 

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We envision a world where people lead quality lives, free from poverty, disease and suffering with dignity and purpose. 

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